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We fully understand the social value of a commercial design service company. Production, communication, and creation of value are, among our many intentions.

As you know, the current society is a rapidly expanding information society in which social participants’ life is full of web-based digitized living condition and social content. We notice that with the progress of industrial transformation and capital evolution, social division has been consistently changing. There is no doubt that we welcome rich and powerful clients which have abundant budget, but we cannot endure some small while vibrant businesses that possess growth potential caught in anxiety due to their low budget, not to mention their product and service will bring great benefit to the public. We are also considering reducing our rate for design consulting. We are glad to contribute the value of our team and try to create some inspiring and brilliant works for the society. For entrepreneurs, we will evaluate their necessary demands and provide some suggestions, and sometimes, we will even provide services to them free of charge.