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Teamlenvor’s predecessor is GS Design Studio with an operating experience in Shenzhen for two years, which was a very dynamic and energetic design studio and consisted of six young designers from Shenzhen and HongKong.

Although these designers were young, they showed much confidence in their career and exhibited serious professional attitude in every project, which was deemed as individual works. Anson, founder of Teamlenvor, could not stand the scorching sun and vague seasonal differences in the Southern China, so he went back to his hometown in Eastern China to start a new business. As a result, Teamlenvor was registered in 2004. In the beginning, we had only one client based in Wenzhou, and now we have served many companies from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, America, Canada, etc. and domestic listed companies. Teamlenvor has worked with these clients for more than ten years. We have been always insisting on our values: respect, innovation, cooperation; in the commercial design field, we have been insisting on the principle that our clients come first.

Teamlenvor & Associates (hereinafter referred to as “Teamlenvor”) was established in 2004 in Shanghai. This international metropolis has been developing extremely rapidly, and even unsteadily to some extent, with notable achievements witnessed by the world.

We are very glad to provide professional visual design service for multinational corporations and local organizations with great growth potential, and witness the development of the city together with them. In terms of public praise, we deserve the so-called title “Most Valuable Vendor”, but we won’t be self-satisfied with our achievements in the past. For us, insisting on the principle of sincere cooperation and the professional position of responsibility are the key to mutual trust.

Teamlenvor is always ready to become your best partner that provides you with most professional and customized visual design and brand strategy solutions. As a professional brand design company, we are most capable of understanding the commercial objectives of our clients profoundly. Only in this way can our young and prominent designers create a novel visual brand image with new attraction for you.

Our designs have been widely applied in various national and foreign brands, and have received many awards in International Design Biennale, Japanese Professional Design Gallery, NY TDC and other occasions. Supported by our international background view and excellent innovation team, we will create visual image system for our clients according to their specific demands. We will be your preferred partner.

We enable our clients to meet market requirements, reduce risks, identify opportunities and share success.