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Nothing can be more important than our designer team. They are the soul of Teamlenvor.

We are well aware that the level of a commercial designer depends on his examination, judgment, and sense of rules. He has to know thoroughly the demand of clients, and more importantly, the demand of the market. What we do is creation, instead of artistic expression, so we need to integrate the intention of the market and the public in our designs. Luckily, Teamlenvor has such an elite designer team. These young designers come from various regions of China and understand the essence of design well. They are so capable and professional that they can handle urgent or complicated projects easily. They have international industry background, profound and rich experience in commercial design, mature and discerning insight and judgment as well as excellent professional accomplishment.

They are cool and awesome.


It is very easy to find us. There is only one Pingliang Road in the only one Yangpu District of Shanghai, and we are right under the Yangpu Bridge. You may come to visit our office at No. 1700 Pingliang Road. Visitors need to register at the entrance gate, where there is a pool of welcoming koi. Or you may directly call us or send an email to us. Moreover, if time permits, we would like to visit your office.

Let’s start our conversation with a cup of coffee or tea!