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The core design services of our company can be divided into four aspects: corporate and brand image design, design of product package and market performance, industrial design, and commercial displaying space design. Other design services include academic and cultural posters, placard design and publication design.


including VIS (Visual Identity System) design, visual symbol system design, and annual report, corporate publication and so on.


Brand image design, including product package, terminal displaying specification and POP design, various kinds of picture albums, printings, samples etc.


Industrial design provides integrated systematized design for mass-produced industrial products in terms of their appearance, shape, concept, function setting, human-computer interface and other aspects.


Commercial displaying space design mainly refers to demonstration and exhibition design, and VIS-based design of sales terminal displaying specification etc.

In additional to commercial design, we have also been engaged in academic and cultural promotion design, which involves a comprehensive range of visual design services including art posters, cultural placards, conference and forum etc.

We provide our service in the form of systematic solution. We offer services most suitable for the needs of our clients for the entire process from design, output to production. It is always a great pleasure for us to work with our clients. We raise questions, and try our best to solve them perfectly. The visual designs are intended to cultivate the vitality of our clients and their products and brands, and to create more value for clients. Corporate and brand image design, including VIS design focused on Logo, visual symbol system design, and annual report, corporate publication and so on.

VIS will intuitively reflect clients’ business definition, organizational structure and the relationship between their own clients and investors. It is of vital importance how they convey the coherent and consistent images and characteristics of their brand when they launch a product. We will first carefully listen to the demands raised by our clients. Therefore, the first and most crucial step is to conduct high-level conversation, in order to understand the commercial objectives of clients and then start work around them.

As you know, the decision makers of our clients tend to attach much importance to their own opinions, so we need to find and maintain a balance among market selection, commercial rule, popular aesthetic values and unique individual character, and find out an all-around solution eventually. Though it seems like a result of compromise, it is actually the most practical choice.

We provide professional image visual design for client’s product and service, including packaging design, design of terminal displaying specification, and design of promotional publication required by many clients, such as picture album, sample, single-page envelop and other printing materials. A good image design of the product can substantially improve the popularity of the product, effectively convey product information to consumers, and establish a good reputation for the brand. Different nationalities, different districts in the world, and different markets with various cultural backgrounds, hold different opinions about the presentation of a product. Our team has the advantage in understanding the local aesthetic habits, and using the techniques and language of modern design trends to construct and interpret them. Order is the core element of beauty.
Product design, as one of the three major modern designs, provides professional appearance design and conceptual R&D for mass-produced industrial products, including shape, color, surface treatment, structural process, and other aspects. Teamlenvor has been striving for providing clients with high-quality products featured by profound ideas and value, from small household appliances to craft gifts to heavy military products, searching for a balance between consumerist hedonism and serious pragmatism. We explore with the satisfaction from pleasure and beyond expectation, to improve the intimacy and amity between the interface of human and object, and even to create every kind of stuff that belong to this age by blurring the interface between behavior and object in the design of such products as wearable device.

We also design offline entities for clients, such as demonstration, exhibition, terminal store etc. Our design include space, soft furnishings, business signs, and the integrated shape, specification, size of display props, and accessories. Clients hope that the image of their exhibitions or terminals shall be high-level, great and luxurious, uniform, strong and sustainable. Therefore, how to construct a complete commercial space is very critical. It can attract consumers to indiscriminately acknowledge and participate with pleasure in, to share product information and brand story, and to persuade them to buy products with smile. It may sound a little despicable, but we would take delight in, also good at, creating resonance between two lovers.